El Cundiman Trinket Dish

El Cundiman Trinket Dish

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El Cundiman by Jose Honorato 

This distinctly Filipino home accessory features the iconic “El Cundiman” Tipos del Pais watercolor painting by Jose Honorato Lozano. A masterpiece from the 19th Century, El Kundiman captures the musicality and unique expressions of love by the Filipino people. It’s been said that in olden days, Flipinos professed deep affections through songs. Through CASA JUAN’S El Cundiman Catch All Dish, this beautiful tradition and the masterful artistry of Jose Honoratio Lozano are celebrated in every home. About


Dimension : 7 11/64"  x 5"  x 1 3/16" 

Net Weight : 349 g

Make: Bone China                                                                                                       

Care Instructions: Hand wash only.   


NOTE:  Due to different monitors , picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.                                                                         

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